At WEL Education, we believe that student success is not only a result of in-class tutoring or academic achievements on paper, but rather a result of becoming a better-rounded individual. Hence, instead of a system of school counselors, we have a mentorship specifically tailored for each student's needs.

WEL Education offers bespoke mentorship experiences that showcase self-esteem, self-reliance, and life experiences as each individual student's needs require as they spend their tenure in the United States, however long or short it may be. While the program also offers academic and vocational placement and aptitude support, peer support is a focus we believe is unique amongst our competitors in ensuring student success. Our mentors include graduates or graduate students of advanced degrees at high ranking universities, doctors, engineers, lawyers, and others who have seen success in their fields. Our mentorship program focuses on the following four aspects:

  1. Promoting the student's mental well-being.
  2. A through evaluation and if needed, help in their academic progress.
  3. Arrangements for career and networking opportunities in academic and vocational environments suited to the students' individual interests.
  4. Communication between the mentor and parents as to answer questions, provide progress reports, and to ensure that the parents are connected to the students' status and situation.

The program revolves around 5-6 month cycles (per semester) and regular meetings are set between the mentor and the student, whether it be in person, phone, video chat, Wechat, email, et cetera, with the goal in establishing rapport and dialogue alongside trust so that the mentor would understand fully the needs of the student and how best to fulfill his or her needs.