Based on the curriculum instituted by the Character Champions Foundation, the courses focus on the emotional well-being of the children enrolled and the program and promotes character building and healthy interpersonal relationships in young folks. In 2017, the program comes to Jiangsu, China for the first time.

The courses utilizes a series of discussions, storytelling, and guided self-reflection to gain self-awareness and learn problem-solving skills. The curriculum also uses English-language playacting and sports like tee-ball and miniature golf to present a complete American-style summer camp environment for enrollees. The teachers are American-trained and have both the relevant degrees and experience in the field.

Sample daily schedule:

8:00AM - Rise
8:30AM - Breakfast
9:45AM - Character Champion Course
11:00AM - American Culture Course
12:00PM - Lunch

1:00PM - Naptime
2:00PM - Free Art Studio
3:30PM - Recess
5:30PM - Free Art Studio
6:30PM - Evening special activity
9:00PM - Bedtime